The Local Culture Show Eps. 15 – ‘In Search of Pàtroklus’

For this week’s episode of The Local Culture Show we are joined by filmmakers Ben Samson & Alex Evans-Guy for a chat about their film project, ‘In Search of Pàtroklus’. As stated on their page, “‘In Search of Pátroklus’ is a magical realist short film about figures from classical myth transposed into a purgatorial Wellington.” Drawing from elements of classical history and philosophy, the film is a “life affirming tale of meaninglessness, love and the importance of art and beauty” to be shot almost entirely at scenic coastal locations such as Island Bay, Owhiro Bay and Castle Point. We discuss everything from the pair’s friendship, born out of a booze-fueled writing club session, to David Lynch, to whether or not shooting on film is really worth all the fuss.

The Local Culture Show explores the art, ideas and environment of people involved in everything from poetry and activism to street art and music. This podcast was recorded and aired at Wellington Access Radio. Hosted by Solomon Powell and Toby McWilliams. Supported by NZ on Air.