The Local Culture Show Eps. 16 – VÏKÆ

For this week’s episode of The Local Culture Show we are joined by Auckland based musician VÏKÆ. At a young age, VÏKÆ moved, along with her family, from Ukraine to New Zealand. They were in search of a better life. For one, an escape from the radiation created by the Chernobyl disaster in 1986. VÏKÆ wrote and released a single, Rust, reflecting on this experience, only to find out shortly later that Putin had invaded the country, starting a war. We sat down with VÏKÆ to discuss her perspective on the war, what it feels like to have family stuck in a warzone, and what she thinks we aren’t being told about the conflict.

The Local Culture Show explores the art, ideas and environment of people involved in everything from poetry and activism to street art and music. This podcast was recorded and aired at Wellington Access Radio. Hosted by Solomon Powell and Toby McWilliams. Supported by NZ on Air.