Arts in Aotearoa Eps. 29 – Margherita Cornali

In the 29th Episode of the Arts in Aotearoa podcast we are joined by our very own “resident” artist Margherita Cornali. Margherita is an artist hailing from Italy, but is now based in Wellington, New Zealand. For Noise Report, Margherita does watercolor paintings, but their own practice encompasses everything from mural size fabric paintings, large oil paintings, ceramics, postcards, coasters, prints, tarot cards, a years’ worth of daily watercolor paintings and bizarre installations involving moisture triggered salad catapults. Buckle in as we take a deep dive into the mind of an artistic obsessive.

This is the Arts in Aotearoa podcast. In this weekly podcast series, we talk to people who are making, curating, organizing, or researching the arts in New Zealand. This podcast was recorded and aired at Wellington Access Radio. Hosted by Solomon Powell and Toby McWilliams. Thanks to NZ On Air for funding Access Media.