Arts in Aotearoa Eps. 28 – DEE & the Sweet Somethings

In the 28th episode of the Arts in Aotearoa podcast we are joined by Dee and Max of ‘DEE & the Sweet Somethings’. We sat down for a chat about writing in odd time signatures, the beauty of nature and why the only thing worse than having a bad time is having a bad time when you should be having fun. We also put Dee and Max to the test with our new game ‘Guess That Band Name’. Participants must guess which band names are real, and which are fake. Breast Secreting Cake? Cut Off Your Hands? Don’t Eat Grapes? You will find out shortly.

This is the Arts in Aotearoa podcast. In this weekly podcast series, we talk to people who are making, curating, organizing, or researching the arts in New Zealand. This podcast was recorded and aired at Wellington Access Radio. Hosted by Solomon Powell and Toby McWilliams. Thanks to NZ On Air for funding Access Media.